Ways to help

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Ready Getting Ready for the Weekend


Want a job you can do whenever it suits you? Bake some of the “cake” that the kids love so much. We have three very healthy recipes you can bake at home, cut into squares, and freeze! Make some children happy and healthy too!

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Wednesday Morning Food Bank Shoppers

Each Wednesday morning, we go to Second Harvest Food Bank to “shop” for fresh produce, bread and bottled water. This is a vital step in securing supplies for our Sunday distributions.
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Friday Food Pickups

Each Friday, we pickup fresh produce and bread from two local business partners. We need your help in getting these amazing donations to our operations facility to prep for Sunday distributions. Click on the icon to learn more and get signed up!

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Set Pack the Lunches

Saturday packing lunches

Join a group of people each Saturday morning who put produce in boxes and assemble meals for Sunday. Sign up your whole family or a group of friends, all ages! Easy assembly line work at our central location with lots of fun and laughter!

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Go Delivery

Sunday morning deliveries 10:00-12:00

Two people are needed to arrive at 505 Deacon Blvd at 9:45 AM, load up lunches and produce, deliver to six sites with really good directions, then return about 11:45 AM. At some of the sites, you will be giving lunches to church volunteers who feed neighborhood children later on, and at some sites you will be handing lunches directly to the children and produce to adults. Easy to do! If you have more people who would like to come, they can ride behind in a car. The van has only two seats since we need most of the room for food! When you sign up, someone will call to tell you all the details during the week before you do this run.

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Sunday afternoon truck drivers

We need drivers who are experienced at handling trucks the size of a UPS truck. You don’t need a commercial drivers’ license, just some experience. Sign up with a friend to help you navigate (with our good directions) or we will furnish someone to ride along. Athletes will help unload the coolers. It’s great fun to talk with the kids!

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Sunday afternoon van drivers

There is a separate route for the cargo van for the afternoon which goes to six sites with volunteers along. Although a commercial license is not required, this is an oversized vehicle which requires experience to handle. Good directions make it easy to do and the children make it fun!

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Sunday afternoon riding along with the truck and van

Get a chance to meet the children and families we see each Sunday! Follow the truck or van to the sites and sit and enjoy getting to know the children. This is the most fun! Sign yourself up or bring a group!

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